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If you’re serious about quitting then cost shouldn’t be a consideration. The entire treatment program costs roughly what an average smoker burns in every 2-3 months.

The costs of smoking are actually huge and once treated you stop spending on cigarettes immediately. If you smoke a pack a day @ R30-00, then you spend R900-00 per month, which adds up to R10 800-00 per year.

Saving cigarette money from the very next day adds up to thousands saved in a year, R10 220 to be exact, so it is NOT about the money, it is about how ready and serious you are.

The treatment program includes your first consultation, addiction assessment, treatment profile compilation, first R.I.S.E. treatment as well as well as 3 more treatments during 6 months of aftercare service.

IQS South Africa offers the “I Quit Smoking Now” program confirm price at your closest branch!

We are very busy so Booking is essential! We work on a “first booked, first service” basis, so please make sure to confirm your booking time ASAP!

Payment can be done by cash, EFT (prior to treatment), swiping your card at our office or bank guaranteed cheque. Payment plans are available.

If you are serious and understand the benefits of becoming smoke free, we urge you to join the “I Quit Smoking Now” program today!