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The I Quit Smoking method is the result of years of scientific and medical research in the field of auricular therapy, which resulted in a patented system featuring the R.I.S.E. technology. Approved by the CE and UL, R.I.S.E. is customized to suit each individual smoker using a pain-free electrical stimulation in the auricles or ear. By stimulating these reflex points in the ear, the smoker loses their desire to smoke.

Some of the immediate benefits of quitting smoking with I Quit Smoking include easier breathing, heightened sensations, increased energy and the halt of pre-mature aging.

The IQS Guarantee:
IQS guarantees* that you will be smoke free for at least 6 months. This is based upon your full participation in our program and your absolute best effort with our support. In the unlikely event a customer, after following our program, completes all 5 treatments and still has a desire to smoke, IQS will provide you with another course of 5 treatments at no cost. IQS will ensure that you are a non smoker as long as the customer is willing to work with the therapist. This is indeed a very rare occurrence (1 in 500).

*A guarantee with terms and conditions will be signed by the therapist and each customer before treatment commences.