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Our program will ensure you quit smoking in just 1 hour - no matter how many times you have tried and failed before.

Nicotine addiction IS blocked!

•  NO Nicotine withdrawal symptoms and NO Nicotine cravings
•  Nicotine is out of the system in 3 to 4 days
•  No needles, no medication, no side effects
•  Immediate detox process begins, a noticeable difference is felt in only a few  days
•  Up to 90% success rate

How the Treatment Works

Our high tech software considers the age, smoking profile, nicotine dependency and carbon monoxide reading (measured in the lungs) to calculate the exact frequency, level of stimulus as well as application time to create a personalised treatment program for each person. The non-invasive electro stimulation treatment on specific reflex points of the ear triggers the release of Beta Endorphins which act as a block over nicotine addicted brain receptors. This leaves the client with dramatically lowered withdrawal levels, feeling calm and relaxed and ready to enjoy the benefits of not smoking.