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Having smoked for 30 years, pretty hard core really, and having tried many, many different methods & substitutes…quite frankly ALL Of them, this is the one that has worked for me. THANK YOU so much IQS for helping me…I still actually can’t believe it as it’s been a pest in my life for such a long time! Michelle (Camps Bay)

Thanks to IQS I feel like I’ve never smoked before in my life! Anita (Salt River)

With IQS has been so much easier to quit and sticking to it - I feel like a new person! Kevin (Durbanville)

Thanks to IQS I am a true non-smoker now, I really don’t miss it at all! Quintin (Cape Town)

International Testimonials:

“I would like to thank you for offering me freedom. Your method, IQS is an absolute miracle. After fifteen years of smoking, I am finally free from this terrible habit. I could almost feel my body being cleansed of nicotine within the first couple of days. As an added plus, I have actually lost weight since I stopped smoking.”
Herman Cohen (Austria)

“After smoking 40 cigarettes a day for 31 years, I am finally free from this terrible habit and it took just 1 hour of IQS treatment. It is now 10 months that I am smoke free. I can today refer so many people to take IQS because of my result.”
Ellen Kiesewetter (Windhoek)

“I smoked for 60 years. Tried to quit the last 30 years. Tried everything including betting for a cost of approximately € 2600. I almost ignored the brochure of IQS but the money back guarantee told me to try once more. I never would have believed that it could be this easy. I was free within some hours. I want to spread the word. I want to become a sales rep for this Method. Everybody should try this no risk therapy.”
Vittorio Iseni (Italy)

“I smoked cigarettes (pack & 1/2 a day) for 35 years. After seeing the IQS advertising I tried the IQS program. Today I am smoke free and never had any nicotine fits (no cravings or withdrawal symptoms.) Yes! It does work! I would recommend IQS to everyone that wants to quit smoking.”
Allen Staff (USA)

“I started the IQS program on January 1st, 2001 to help me quit smoking and I was able to quit smoking immediately. IQS took the edge off and eliminated the physical cravings I had experienced during my previous attempts to quit smoking. Thank you very much.”
Donald Weatherford (Canada)

“Thank you IQS! It is amazing, after 20 years of smoking, I am an ex-smoker !After the first day of IQS therapy, I knew that I would never light up again. Not just for my own health, but for my daughter, Marisa as well. Thanks Again!”
Michelle Hurgezen (Switzerland)